Bader Architecture tailors each design to an individual client’s program, budget, and aesthetic intentions, but most projects move through similar phases. Once we’ve established your vision or goals, we will assist you through several important steps that ensure a successful project.

Schematic Design Phaseprentice-rear-yard-card

To begin your project, your architect will:
1. Complete a site analysis to determine the best ways to take advantage of views, daylight, circulation, etc.
2. Prepare a casual plan and sectional drawings to illustrate design alternatives and to initiate a discussion about your preferred concept for development.
3. Meet with a general contractor to obtain an initial estimate of the total cost of the project for your review and approval.

Design Development Phase

After you approve the Schematic Design Phase, your architect will:
1. Formalize the schematic design into measured drawings. This involves blocking out necessary plans, sections, elevation and principal details that establish the basic character of your project.
2. Establish the basic structural, mechanical, lighting, and electrical systems.
3. Assemble samples and catalog cuts of products, materials, fixtures, and equipment to be incorporated into the design.
4. Submit, after you review and approve items above, a second estimate to confirm that your project remains within the proposed budget.

Construction Contract Document Phase

After you approve the Design Development Phase, your architect will:
1. Develop and assemble construction documents, drawings and specifications. These help establish final construction prices, which will be negotiated with the general contractor, and are a part of the building permit process.
2. Develop, as required, specifications in outline form using the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format.
3. Include within the specifications the following lists, indicating sizes, locations, quantities, and generic directions (e.g. brand, manufacturer) for the items included:
Room Finish Schedule
Lighting Fixture Schedule
Door Schedule
Appliance Schedule
Window Schedule
Equipment Schedule
Hardware Schedule
Plumbing Fixture Schedule

Permitting, Bidding and Construction Contract Negotiation Phase

During this phase, your architect will:
1. Perform required land use and energy calculations, filling out and assembling all forms and documents required for the Building Permit Application.
2. Submit the Building Permit Application and construction documents, drawings and specifications to the Building Department for zoning and building code compliance reviews. Subsequently, your architect will correct and revise plans as required by the City, and resubmit the plans for final review, approval and issuance of the Building Permit.
3. Issue drawings to the general contractor for either a negotiated or traditional bidding process. During this period, your architect will respond to questions and issue clarification drawings and addenda as required.
4. Assist you with obtaining financing by providing any supporting information or documentation requested by your lender.
5. Assist you in negotiating the final cost of construction with your general contractor and prepare the Owner-Contractor Agreement Form for Construction Contracts and the General Conditions of the Contract for Construction.

Contract Administration Phasekitchen-2sm

During this phase, your architect will:
1. Make regular visits to the site to observe and record the progress of construction, check compliance with the contract, and clarify any questions the general contractor may have.
2. Prepare site visit reports and review the shop drawings for general compliance, all change orders if requested or required, and the Application & Certificate for Payment requests from the general contractor.
3. Serve as the sole arbitrator should disputes arise between you and the general contractor over issues regarding compliance to the contract or the design intent of the project.
4. Make a final inspection “punch list” at the point of substantial completion to identify any work the general contractor needs to complete and the dates when the work will be finished. Your architect will also prepare and administer all necessary documents to close out your project.

Other Services

Feasibility Studies

We provide expert consultation, opinion and analysis for both large and small projects. This includes researching all pertinent building, zoning, sensitive area and traffic code information, as well as public records, financial and real estate information and surveys, and engineering. We can also meet with municipal officials, make public design review presentations, document context through photo-montage and prepare real estate proformas.

Real Estate Support Assessment

We help buyers, owners and agents visualize the full potential or highest and best use of a given property by assessing strategies for improvement and discussing design alternatives for the purpose of closing a sale. We can also provide visual support materials, such as drawings and models, to developers and sales agents.

Code Consultation

We assist with difficult land use and building code issues, including design review, steep slope, variances, and “grandfathering” situations. And whether you are building new to code or bringing an existing property up to code, we can determine what is needed to bring a site into compliance.